17th September 1913 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY: At Riccione on the Italian Adriatic – Karma Dolma Chuzom, also known as Rosemary Vosse, altruist, theosophist, friend of Tibet, emigrant to South Africa and advocate of “voluntary simplicity”.


Law and Order: In the north of Ireland, Sir Edward Carson, the Irish unionist politician reviews the para military forces of the Orange Lodges in Kilkeel and Newry. Asked for his views on what is beginning to look like a provisional government in Northern iIreland he comments:

“I am told it is illegal ; of course it is. Drilling is illegal. I was reading an Act of Parliament the other day forbidding it. The volunteers are illegal, and the Government know they are illegal. The Government dare not interfere with what they know is illegal, and the reason the Government dare not interfere is this—because they know the moment they interfere with you then you will not brook their interference, and then the moment you do not brook their interference the knowledge would be brought home to every man in England that not only were you in earnest but that you were prepared to make any sacrifices to maintain your liberty” [The Spectator, 20 September 1913].


Women’s suffrage: In Tonbridge, England suffragettes fail in an arson attempt to destroy Penshurst Place, the home of Lord De L’Isle.


Labour Relations: In the Colorado coalfields, 90% of Colorado’s 11,000 miners strike for union recognition, shorter hours, increased pay, safer working conditions and an end to “company fraud”. They and their families are evicted from company housing.


“Extreme” weather: A “Great Rainstorm” hits Doncaster in South Yorkshire, England.



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