22nd October 1913 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY: in Hue, French Indochina (now Vietnam) – Bao Dai, King of Annam (a “protectorate” of French Indochina) from 1926 to 1945, and briefly the last Emperor of Vietnam when the Japanese ousted the French in 1940 and ruled through him.


Accidents & Disasters: An explosion at the Dawson coal mine in New Mexico kills 263 mine workers.


Crime: The Cornell Daily Sun reports an interesting case of extortion:

“Chemists employed by the postal authorities discovered today colonies of germs in a letter sent to extort money from Mrs. Frederick Steele, a wealthy suburban resident. The letter warned Mrs. Steele that it contained 2,000,000 malignant bacilli with which she was infected by opening it and demanded a sum of money in return for a supply of the only serum that could cure her. Indications of the presence of a germ culture were found by the government chemist who, however, were unable to state the nature of the disease they might convey”. [the Cornell Daily Sun, 22nd October 1913].


Elsewhere in the US, the papers report the breaking up of a “wholesale jewellery smuggling” operation from Canada into the USA.



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