17th November 1913 (Monday)

BORN TODAY:  in Bridgeport, Connecticut – the profession of dental hygienists.



Colonial unrest: On the Manggadh Hill on the Gujarat-Rajasthan border in British India as many as 1,500 followers of social reformer Govind Guru, a banjara (Gypsy) from Vedsa village near Dungarpur in Rajasthan, are massacred by British forces.

World Affairs:  In Panama, the USS Ancon Steam becomes the first vessel to sail the entire length of the new canal from one ocean to another.

Society and Culture:

~ {Ancient] in the village of Nafferton in the East Riding of Yorkshire in England, the ancient Court Leet (a mediaeval tradition dating back many hundreds of years) meets for the very last time. The Village itself dates back to before the Norman invasion in the eleventh century (“Nadfartone” = scandinavian for Nafftan’s farm).


~ [and modern] In Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm bans the armed forces from dancing the tango.


Labour Relations: In Wellington, New Zealand, George Adkin – farmer turned special constable – packs up and heads for home after collecting his pay of eight pounds for his sixteen day’s duty (ten shillings per day). {Museum of New Zealand].


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