23rd November 1913 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY: in Sydney, Australia – Raymond Chalres Hanson, classical composer.


World Affairs: In Lahore in British India (now Pakistan) a celebratory meeting of muslims takes place in the Ahmadiyya Buildings. The meeting unanimously resolves to  send a telegram of congratulations on behalf of the Muslims of Lahore to the Right Honourable Lord Headley, through Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din of the Woking Mosque, England, on his acceptance of Islam, and also to launch a campaign for funds among the Indian Muslim population for the Islamic mission of Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din centred in Woking, England.


Empire: In Reunion, the overseas department of France, Pierre Louis Alfred Duprat is appointed as the island’s governor,  succeeding Hubert Auguste Garbit and preceding Victor Jean Brochard. The current governor (2013) is Jean-Luc Marx, and the President of the Regional Council is Didier Robert. Vive La France!



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