10th December 1913 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY: in London, the youngest child of Charles Rothschild – Kathleen Annie Pannonica de Koenigswarter, “jazz patroness and writer, leading patron of bebop, and scion of the prominent Rothschild international financial dynasty” [Wikipedia].


Food and agriculture: in New Zealand, farmer and diarist George Adkin is celebrating the best price he has ever received for the sale of his lambs – at 15 shillings a head.



~ in the north of England, George Ball, a worker at a tarpaulin factory, beats his employer/ manager, Christina Bradfield to death with a blunt instrument, sews her into a sack and throws her in the local canal, where her body is later found when the sack fouls the canal gates. (Ball is hung for his crime in February 1914).


~ in Florence, an Italian called “Leonardo Vincenzo” (real name Vincenzo Peruggia) visits the offices of an art dealer to demand half a million lire for the return of the “Mona Lisa” painting, which was stolen in Paris 1911. The following day Mr Peruggia is arrested and the painting is finally recovered in a suitcase with a false bottom. He claims his main motive is to return the painting to Italy after Napoleon had stolen it for the French.



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