31st December 1913 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY: at the very end of the day1914, a year that will change the world in more ways than can ever be counted.

“The Centenary of Peace”

In London’s “Spectator” magazine, three days into the New Year 1914, a reader will write:

Now that we are about to celebrate the centenary of peace between the two great branches of the English speaking people, I hope we may all look forward to another year, 1915, wherein to celebrate another centenary of peace between ourselves and our once traditional enemies the French. I also often think it would be wiser to discontinue the celebration of ” Trafalgar ” or any other battle day, when all wise people now know peace is far more glorious than war. 


but history marches on, one day at a time…


Births – Amagao Haruhisa and Shimazu Takahisa, Japanese Samurai and Warlords

Deaths – Donato Bramante, Italian Architect; Anne of Brittany, Queen of France with two different kings

War – France fights the Holy Roman Empire; the English fight the Scots; the largest warship in the World is launched at Woolwich, on the River Thames.


Births – Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria, Governor of the Spanish Netherlands

Deaths – Elizabeth Bathory, Hungarian serial killer.

Marriage – Pocohontas marries English colonist John Rolfe in Virginia

War – Civil War in Japan; England and the Holy Roman Empire fights Spain and the (German) Catholic League.


Births – Percivall Pott, English surgeon; Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach, German composer

Deaths – Mamia III Gurieli, Prince of Guria; Ivan Botsis, Russian Admiral of Greek origin; Anthony Gunther, Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst.

War – Austria fights France; Russia fights Sweden; Barcelona taken by the French; Ottomans fight Venetians.


Births – Taras Shevchenko, Ukrainian poet; Michael Bakunin, Russian anarchist.

Deaths – Abdullah I Al-Sabah, ruler of Kuwait, Maria Carolina of Austria, queen of Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies.

Wars: Denmark gives up Norway to Sweden in exchange for parts of Pomerania; Britain fights the USA; Napoleon fights everyone; Paris is occupied by hostile Europeans (“the sixth coalition”); Napoleon is exiled to Elba; the British occupy Washington DC and burn the White House.

1914 – the year ahead, one hundred years ago today.


2014 – the year ahead…


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