3rd January 1914 (Saturday)


~ In  Trieste, home of the Austro-Hungarian Navy, – Caffe San Marco, a (now) historic coffee house in what was then “a buzzing cosmopolitan city frequented by artists and philosophers such as James Joyce, Italo Svevo, Sigmund Freud, Dragotin Kette, Ivan Cankar, Scipio Slataper and Umberto Saba. The city was the major port of the Austrian Riviera and perhaps the only real enclave of Mitteleuropa south of the Alps” [Wikipedia].

Unfortunately the outbreak of the first world war later in the same year completely destroyed the coffee shop (although it was later reconstructed).


~ Also born today, in the baroque palace of Hetzendorf, near Vienna – Archduchess Adelheid Maria Josepha Sixta Antonia Roberta Ottonia Zita Charlotte Luise Immakulata Pia Theresia Beatrix Franziska Isabella Henriette Maximiliana Genoveva Ignatia Marcus d’Aviano, eldest daughter of Archduke Charles, who succeeded the Emperor Franz Joseph in 1916.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) the first world war also swept away the Hapsburg dynasty, which – unlike the coffee house – was not later reconstructed for the benefit of tourists. The young Archduchess was exiled to Madeira in 1919. Although she returned to Vienna in 1933, she later emigrated to the USA to escape the nazis.



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