18th January 1914 (Sunday)


~ In Llubljana, in the Duchy of Carniola, Austria-Hungary (now the capital of Slovenia) – Vitomil Zupan, Slovenian writer and poet.

~ In Hamburg, Germany – Arno Schmidt, author and translator.

~ In Geitau bei Bayrischzell, Bavaria – Marianne Schech, operatic soprano.

~In Buenos Aires, Argentina  – Oscar Rubens, “prototypical lyricist of the 40s”.

“His family came from Ekaterinoslav, in Ukraine. His parents, the cobbler Motl and María Kaplán, a teacher at the Hebrew school, decided to emigrate because of the scourge of anti-Semitism, that had broken out again at times of the Russian-Japanese war. They arrived in Buenos Aires in the early 1906 with three daughters, Luisa, Aída and Eugenia. In Argentina they would have seven children more, the second of which was Luis, born in 1908 and with whom the tango dynasty began together with Mauri, Elías (who used the pseudonym Elías Randall) and Oscar. The Rubinsteins or Rubisteins (in the documents of some of them the “n” disappeared) were part of a massive Jewish emigration”. [Todotango.com].





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