21st January 1914 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY: in Hazelrigg, Northumberland, England – Alan Leslie Ricalton, spitfire pilot shot down and killed in the skies above Kent during the Battle of Britain in October 1940, aged 26.


Overtones of War: The “Broadstairs and St Peter’s Mail” (newspaper) in Kent, England, reports on a local concert to raise funds for a rifle range to be used by the local military reservists for rifle practice:

“Captain Peyton R N, the Officer Commanding of the 28th (Broadstairs) Company said, “If all those present read the daily papers, they would see month by month, year by year, that the war clouds were gathering over Europe, & it behove every able bodied man to prepare for the time when he would be called upon to defend his country, his own hearth & home”… The outstanding feature of the second position of the programme was a tableau, which consisted of all the artistes who had taken part in the evening’s entertainment. It was entitled, “Past, Present & Future”, which gave a vivid picture of Britain’s fighting men. In the centre of the company were John Bull, & the figure of Britannia. Veterans, with their long rows of medals, The Buffs Cyclists, & sailors with fixed bayonets surrounded them. Accompanying them were the Boy Scouts, & members of the local fire brigade. Whilst they all stood, John Bull gave a fine rendering of Rule Britannia, all good rousing patriotic stuff”.


Science, technology and music: The composer Edward Elgar has his first encounter with the recording industry, In Hayes, Middlesex, England.


Society and culture: In Richmond, Virginia, the Anti-Saloon Leagues holds its thirteenth annual convention, part of its ongoing campaign for prohibition (of alcohol) in the state of Virginia.


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