9th March 1914 (Monday)

BORN TODAY: in Newnan, Georgia, USA – George Peddy Cuttino, Rhodes scholar at Oxford, “Medievalist Extraordinary”, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Professor Emeritus of History at the Emory University in Atlanta.


Ireland: in the British House of Commons, a Home Rule (for Ireland) BIll is causing great controversy, including the proposal for the six northern counties to be granted a transitional period of six years before becoming part of a united Ireland. Sir Edward Carson, the leader of the Unionist cause, replies formally to the Parliament: “We do not want sentence of death with a stay of execution for six years.”


Women’s suffrage: At the St Andrew’s Hall  in Glasgow, Scotland, Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst, suffragette and wanted woman (under the notorious “Cat and Mouse” act), is smuggled in to the hall in a laundry basket to address a meeting of the Women’s Social and Political Union. When she appears on stage the police rush-in and a riot follows, leading to accusations of police brutality and (unmet) demands for a full public enquiry.


Law and order: In Broken Hill, New South Wales, the “Barrier Miner” (newspaper) reports the death of policeman Sergeant Steele, the “hero of another day” who captured the notorious outlaw Ned Kelly in 1880.



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