11th March 1914 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY: at Breakfast Creek, Brisbane – Jack McCafferty – 58th mayor of Toowoomba and founder of McCafferty’s Coaches.


Women’s suffrage: In Norfolk, England – women’s suffrage campaigner Kate Frye records in her diary her daily round of calls on the local ladies:

” Out 12 to 1. To see Miss Shellabear. Very off, of course, the latest – the Rokeby Velasquez – is upsetting everyone now. Out 2.45 to 6.15. Calls.  Happened on the new people at Quebec Hall who are keen WSPU. Had tea with Miss Louisa Gay who has done 8 months [in prison]– a very jolly girl – she means to do some waking up if she can. Then to see Mr and Mrs Hewitt – I do like them so. Miss Cory and Mrs Goddard here 8 to 10. Talking. Talking. Talking.”


Exploration: Mr Daniel Blue is exploring Northern Alaska.

His obituary, in May 1915, records the following: “Mr. Daniel Wallace Blue, Engineer of the Alaska died May 2nd, at 4:35 a.m. having been sick in bed for ten days. His death was apparently caused by pneumonia or inflammation of the lungs. He had a touch of scurvy, or what they thought was scurvy. Mr. Blue was an old-timer in Alaska – he had come to Alaska in 1906, worked around Cordova, Copper River, Tanana, Kobak River, and Nome, prospecting and mining. He was a native of Scotland, and learned the machinist’s trade (steam engineering) in Glasgow”.



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