23rd March 1914 (Monday)

BORN TODAY: Carmen Planas, the “Darling of Manila”, the first woman to be elected to the Manila City Council.


Arms Race: in the British Parliament, the First Lord of the Admiralty (SIr Winston Churchill) is answering questions requiring him to confirm that merchant vessels being armed with guns are solely under the control of masters and officers who are British subjects. He duly confirms that: “the interests of the State are safeguarded by the fact that all captains and officers of the ships so armed are British subjects worthy of the confidence of the Admiralty.”


Women’s suffrage:  a small group of suffragettes pickets the offices of the Director of Public Prosecutions in London.


Children’s rights: the Times of London reports that  the use of child labour in the city of Nottingham is so familiar that for far too long it has scarcely excited local attention.


Defying definition: The author Franz Kafka records in his diary: “I never wish to be easily defined. I’d rather float over other people’s minds as something strictly fluid and non-perceivable; more like a transparent, paradoxically iridescent creature rather than an actual person.”  Behold: the kafkaesque age is upon us.



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