14th April 1914 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY: In Pittsburgh, PA and Chicago, Illinois – John Hodiak and John Hubbard, a pair of thespian Johns.



World Affairs: At a conference in Simla, British India (now Shimla in India) Indian, British, Tibetan and Chinese officials agree the details of a map delineating the McMahon line as the border between India and Tibet and the Irrawaddy-Salween line between Outer and Inner Tibet. The map is signed by the British and Tibetan representatives and initialed, but not signed, by Ivan Chen, the Chinese representative. This year (2014) the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies in Shimla (in conjunction with Institute of Chinese Studies in Delhi) is inviting papers for an international symposium where the problem will be discussed and renewed (but presumably not resolved) – June 2014.


Labour Relations: Cokemen at the Pinxton tar distillery in Derbyshire, England walk out in a dispute about pay and conditions.


Accidents: At Burntisland, near Edinburgh, Scotland – a signaller error causes a train collision, with one train falling from a height, killing 2 people and injuring 12 more.


Society and culture: In New Zealand, George Adkin, romantic farmer, chafes and grumbles when his mother turns down the heat on his evening with his fiancee.


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