24th April 1914 (Friday)

BORN TODAY: in Łódź (Poland) – at the time one of the most densely populated industrial cities in the world –  Jan Kozielewski (later Jan Karski), pre-war Polish diplomat; captured by the Soviet Red Army and later handed over to the German forces; escapee and resistance fighter in Europe; rapporteur at large in Poland for the Allied authorities in the later stages of the World War 2; and later a  professor of history at Georgetown University in the USA.


Society, culture and migration: The “Register” (newspaper) in Adelaide, Victoria, publishes a piece by a traveller recently returned from England – “In Memory of Yemmerra-Wannie”, one of the earliest aboriginal migrants to England who passed away in Kent, “The Garden of England”, in May 1794, and whose neglected grave the traveller has visited during his visit to the home country.



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