4th May 1914 (Monday)

BORN TODAY: in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico – María de los Angeles Félix Guereña, actress, better known as Maria Felix. 


Society and culture: in the British Parliament, questions are being asked about the rules for paying Members of Parliament, and “why they continue to draw their salaries while feeling that they are not entitled to them?” [Hansard].


Women’s suffrage: At the Royal Academy in London, “ an elderly woman of distinctly peaceable appearance” commits another “outrage” with a meat cleaver against a famous work of art.

Mr. Lamb, the secretary of the Academy, told a representative of The Times that the picture was greatly admired by the King on Sunday during his informal visit. He could not say at at present what would be done. Pictures were not insured and hung at the artist’s or the owner’s risk. ‘I think’ he added, ‘that in future artists will require to paint their pictures on armour plate.’ ” [The Times, London, 5th May 1914].



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