25th May 1914 (Monday)


~ In Vancouver, Canada – Frederick Howard Buller, aeronautical engineer.


~ In London, England – Bernard Raymond Fink, physician.


Arms Race: In Cowes, on Britain’s Isle of Wight, the shipbuilder J.S. White launches the destroyer Almirante Goñi, built for the Chilean Navy, but destined to be purchsed by the British Admiralty (Navy) and renamed HMS Broke after outbreak of World War 1.


Empire: The “Colac Herald” in Victoria, Australia, reports “enormous attendance” at the Empire Day celebrations which have taken place over the weekend:

“Patriotism reigned supreme on Saturday in Colac in common with other places throughout the British Empire.It is not many years since Empire Day was brought into being, but in a short space of time it has become one of the leading days in the year, when the people have an opportunity of making a display of that love of country which is such an important factor in nation building. Upon patriotism depends the very existence of an empire, for immediately this sense is weakened, so do the foundations upon which nations are built begin to crumble and sooner or later the superstructure will topple down. The sentiment of patriotism is a grand thing in its many aspects. It is through it that the people band together and make enormous sacrifices to keep the land of their fathers safe from attack.” [The Colac Herald, 25th May 1914].


Ireland: For the third time, the British House of Commons passes the “Government of Ireland Bill”  (the “Third Home Rule Bill”) which has on two previous occasions been overturned by the Upper House (the House of Lords – rejecting the first and second bills in 1912 and 1913).



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