26th May 1914 (Tuesday)


~ in Jacksonville, Florida – Frankie Manning, swing dancer, “part of a new generation of Lindy Hoppers, and the most celebrated Lindy Hopper in history’ [Wikipedia]



~ In Philadelphia, PA – Harry Aaron Finkelman, better known as Ziggy Elman, trumpeter.



Sport: The “Shamrock IV”, a yacht designed and built as an American entry for the 1914 Americas Cup, is launched in Portsmouth, in Southern England. While being towed home to New York during August it be temporarily diverted to British Bermuda after war is declared. The 1914 Americas Cup, and those for the next 5 years, will all be cancelled. The race resumes in 1920.


Shipping News: Just over two years after “Titanic”, the Times of London reports another liner, the Canadian “Royal Edward” (en route from Montreal to Bristol) struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic a few days ago, “going dead slow at the time in a dense fog. The stem was twisted and the liner was leaking in the forepeak, but the damage was not serious.”




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