8th June, 1914 (Monday)

BORN TODAY: The Polish American Citizens’ Club of Camden County, New Jersey.


Society and Leisure: In England’s “New” Forest (created by King William the Conqueror in1079AD) the “Caravan Club”  – a society of folk with horse-drawn caravans on their minds – holds its most successful gathering yet, concluding today after more than a week of fresh-air fun.


Suffragettes: A 25 year old young lady known as “Laura Grey” is found dead in her apartment near London’s Piccadilly on the anniversary of the death of the suffragette Emily Wilding-Davison. Her suicide causes   “a brief but spectacular newspaper sensation. In this case the ‘ruin’ of a well-brought-up young woman was associated not only with the familiar evils of drugs, the stage and night clubs but also with the exotic addition of the very topical phenomenon of window-smashing, imprisonment and hunger striking – all that denoted involvement in the militant suffragette movement. On the day that her death was first reported the newspapers were full of reports of police raids on suffragette hide-outs and of suffragette bombing, arson and a hatchet attack on a painting by Romney in the Birmingham Art Gallery.” [Woman and her sphere}



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