20th June 1914 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY: “Blast” magazine – emblematic of the modern art movement in England,and recognised as a seminal text of pre-war 20th-century modernism”. [Wikipedia]. Only two issues (in 1914 and 1915) struggled into a world pre-occupied with weightier matters. A classic case of unlucky timing, perhaps?



Shipping News: In Hamburg, shipbuilders Blohm + Voss launch the largest steamship in the world: the SS Bismarck. The launch ceremony is graced with the presence of  Countess Hanna von Bismarck, grand-daughter of the Iron Chancellor, who struggles to break the customary bottle of champagne but is assisted by the Kaiser, Wilhelm II. [Wikipedia]

In 1920 she (the vessel, not the Countess) will be turned over to the British as compensation for the sinking of HMHS (hospital ship) Britannic, and renamed RMS Majestic.



Trees: New Zealand farmer and diarist George Adkin is planning a new shelter belt for part of his land. He is having trouble sourcing Lawson’s Cypress (Chamaecyparis lawsonia) but considering using Bishop Pine (Pinus muricata) instead – both native trees of the West coast of North America.


Walnuts: In California, the Pacific Rural Press reports the huge strides made by the local walnut growing businesses in recent years, including improved marketing, statistical analysis, better distribution networks, improved grading and packing etc.  Calfornia now [1914] provides over 40% of America’s annual demand of 60million pounds weight, in 45 of the 49 mainland states.



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