4th July 1914 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY: in Turin, Italy – Giuseppe Bertone, car designer.


World Affairs: At their private estate in Arstetten in Austria, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie  are laid to rest in the family vaults in a private ceremony. [Almanac of World War 1].


Meanwhile, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany declares that he is in favour of “settling accounts with Serbia”, and writes to the German ambassador in Vienna that “we must finish with the Serbs, quickly”.


Tourism: American tourist Rachel Halsey spends her day on a train travelling from Munich in Germany to Bozen in Austria. “Fourth of July in a foreign country with no fireworks and only an American flag to celebrate with”. In her dairy she confides that she finds Bozen “quaint and beautiful”  and that “Americans seem to attract much attention here – people simply stare, even stop, turn around, and gape.” In a few hours she will be heading south to Venice…


Sport: In Lyons, France – German Christian Friedrich Lautenschlager wins the French Grand Prix, driving a Mercedes for 20 laps (7 hours  and 468 miles) at an average speed of 66 miles per hour.





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