Serbia Explains its Situation to France: 4 July 1914

The July Crisis: 100 Years On, 1914-2014

Vesnitch was the Serbian ambassador to Paris in the summer of 1914. He recounts a conversation with Viviani, France Minister for Foreign Affairs and de facto Prime Minister, to Pašić, the Serbian Prime Minister.

Vesnitch to Pašić. Paris, July 4,1914.


I had a long conversation on Wednesday last on the subject of the Serajevo outrage with M. Viviani, the new Minister for Foreign Affairs, who was somewhat concerned at what had occurred. I made use of this opportunity to describe to him briefly the causes which had led to the outrage, and which were to be found, in the first place, in the irksome system of Government in force in the annexed provinces, and especially in the attitude of the officials, as well as in the whole policy of the Monarchy towards anything orthodox. He understood the situation, but at the same time expressed the hope that we…

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