10th July 1914 (Friday)

BORN TODAY: in Singapore: the Old Boys Association  of the Anglo-Chinese School (established 1886). School mission: “To be a beacon of truth and light, a world class institution through the holistic development of our students”.


World Affairs: In Belgrade, Serbia, Nicholas Genrikhovich Hartwig, the Russian Ambassador to Serbia – a “Pan-Slavist” said to be “more Serbian than the Serbians” – collapses and dies of a massive heart attack while visiting Baron von Gieslingen, the Austrian Ambassador in Belgrade. The Serbian press immediately publishes several inflammatory articles accusing the Austrians of poisoning Hartwig while he was a guest at their legation. The very first fatality of World War 1?


Society and culture: In Halifax, Nova Scotia, the local police force poses for photographs during a general inspection.  The followng day the Halifax Herald reports that “The policemen were out in full force with the exception of one or two who are on the sick list”.

Science and technology: in Tambaroora, New South Wales, a telephone is installed at the post office and public telephone facilities become available for the first time.





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