21st July 1914 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY: in Blois, France – Philippe Ariès, French medievalist and social historian of the family.


World Affairs: In a telegram to the German Kaiser, his ambassador in Constantinople (Istanbul) expresses confidence that Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey will join the Triple Alliance of Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy if the Austrians decide to administer a severe lesson to Serbia.  The Kaiser annotates the telegram: “We shall remind these gentlemen of this at the right moment”


Ireland: Unionist (pro-British) and Nationalist (anti-British) leaders are brought together for the “Buckingham Palace Conference on Ireland”. It is the first such organised attempt to find a solution to the deadlock over the Northern Counties. After one day, the British Prime Minister writes privately: “I have rarely felt more helpless in any particular affair, an impasse with unspeakable consequences, upon a matter which to English eyes seems inconceivably small and to Irish eyes immeasurably big.” The conference breaks up after three days without agreement. [Wikipedia]


Migration: In Vancouver, British Columbia, where the SS Kamagata Maru carrying Indian migrants is resisting efforts to send her away, HMCS Rainbow arrives and trains her six inch guns on the recalcitrant ship to show that the Canadian authorities are serious in their intentions NOT to welcome the migrants.


Sport: In South America, the soccer team from Exeter, in England’s West Country, which has been touring South America, loses 2-0 in a match against Brazil “in what became known as the Brazilian national team’s first fixture’ [Western Morning News]. A centenary rematch is organised, which features the same kit and the original ball…




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