7th August 1914 (Friday)

BORN TODAY: in Auckland, New Zealand – Alice Mary Bush, doctor, paediatrician and family planning activist.



In Belgium, German forces capture the city of Liege, but not the forts, still manned by Belgian forces.

In Alsace, French forces are advancing on Mulhouse, and (briefly) seize/ reclaim the town of Altkirch, just across the Alsatian border.

In Britain, at his first attendance at the Government’s “cabinet” meeting, Lord Kitchener responds to ministers who are predicting a war of weeks, or at most months, that “it will not end until we have plumbed our manpower to the last million” [Scott Anderson].

Global Finance: in the “City” within London, fearful of a run on the banks caused by collapsing confidence that Britain can maintain its globally dominant trading activities, the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) David Lloyd George, introduces the “Bradbury Pound” (paper money) designed to shore up confidence.



Burg and Purcell: Almanac of World War


Tuchman: The Guns of August


Anderson: Lawrence in Arabia




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