10th August 1914 (Monday)

BORN TODAY: In Boreham, Essex and Todmorden, Yorkshire, respectively  – Ray Smith and Harold Dawson, a brace of English cricketers.


! France declares war on Austria-Hungary

American retiree Mildred Aldrich, writing from her home in the Marne Valley east of Paris, writes:

“Day after day I have watched the men and their families pass silently [on their way to the railway station] and an hour later have seen the women come back leading the children… It is not the marching into battle of an army that has chosen soldiering. It is the marching out of all the people – of every temperament – the rich, the poor, the timid and the bold, the sensitive and the hardened, the ignorant and the scholar…called on not only to cry ‘Vive la France’, but to see to it that she does live if dying for her can keep her alive. It’s a compelling idea, isn’t it?”

Far away in New Zealand, farmer George Adkin records in his diary:

“The Germans are still being repulsed with terrible losses on their attempt to invade Belgium at the town of Liege. It now seems to be quite evident that the Kaiser is quite insane and as a result thousands are going to their death”.





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