17th August 1914 (Monday)


~ On the British Overseas Territory of Pitcairn Island in the remote reaches of the Pacific – Warren Clive Christian, local magistrate, and part of the extended Christian clan founded by Fletcher Christian after the Mutiny on the Bounty in 1789.


~ On the Canadian Island “Campobello” In remote New Brunswick – Franklin Delano Roosevelt junior, lawyer, politican and businessman, son of a US President and part of the Roosevelt political clan.



Eastern Front: At the Battle of Stalluponen in East Prussia, the first real engagement in the East, an army of 16,000 Germans, led by a commander operating without orders, defeats 84,000 Russians, gaining a temporary advantage as the Russian advance is held.


Western Front: In the Marne Valley, East of Paris, American retiree Midlred Aldrich writes of the changes facing her small community:

“Everything is very quiet here. Our little commune sent 200 men only but to take 200 able-bodied men away makes a big hole, and upsets life in many ways. For some days we were without bread: bakers gone. But the women took hold and, though the bread is not very good, it serves and will as long as flour holds out. No one complains, though we already lack many things. No merchandise can come out yet on the railroads, all the automobiles and most of the horses are gone, and shops are shy of [lacking] staple things”.



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