20th August 1914 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY: in Stockholm, Sweden –  Sven “Svenne Berka” Bergqvist, “bandy, ice-hockey and football player” [Wikipedia].



Eastern Front: German forces attack Russians at the Battle of Gumbinnen in East Prussia, but are repulsed and driven back with heavy losses.


Balkan Front:  Towards the conclusion of the Battle of Jadar, also known as the Battle of Cer,  the Austro-Hungarian 5th army is forced back into Austro-Hungarian Bosnia Herzegovina by Serbian troops. “Many Austro-Hungarian soldiers drown in the water [of the Driva River] as they flee in panic”. [Misha Glenny: “The Balkans”, quoted on Wikipedia].

Western Front: German troops occupy Brussels in great numbers.

[Peter Chassaud: “Mapping the First World War”]


In The Vatican City at Rome, Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto, better known as Pope Pius X, dies, after living in poor health following a heart attack in 1913.



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