23rd August 1914 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY: in New York City – Anthony Francis “Tony” Matisi, all-American football player.



! Japan declares war on Germany!

Western Front: At the Battle of Mons in Western Belgium the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) delays, but does not halt the German advance into French territory. The British withdrawal marks the start of what will become a two week retreat almost as far as Paris.


In Dinant, in Belgium, German troops under General von Hausen execute 612 men, women and (some) children by firing squad in the town square.

[Burg & Purcell: Almanac of World War 1]

Eastern Front: In the Austrian province of Galicia (now in Poland) just across the border from the Russian Empire,  Austro-Hungarian and Russian forces clash on the first day of the Battle of Krasnik.



In New Zealand, farmer George Adkin enjoys a sunday of country hikes, picnics, photography and evening prayers. “A glorious day“.


At Woking, in England – in the “the stately Mosque, a view of which is obtainable from passing trains”, Eid Al-Fitr prayers are led by Moulvie Sadr-ud-Din, and “from the early morning Muslims [had] begun to pour into Woking by trains” [from the “Surrey Herald” newspaper, as quoted on http://www.wokingmuslim.org ]



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