9th September 1914 (Wednesday)


~ In Memphis, Tennessee – Marjorie Lee Browne, “one of the first Black women in the United States to obtain a Ph.D”,  and Chair of Mathematics at North Carolina Central University throughout the 1950s and 1960s.


~ in Nymphenburg Castle, Munich, Bavaria – Her Imperial Highness Princess Dona Maria d’Orleans-Bragança, the widow of Prince Dom Pedro Henrique d’Orleans-Bragança, Head of the Brazilian Imperial Family and Pretender to the Brazilian Throne between 1921 and 1981.



Eastern Front/ Russian North West Front: – At the first Battle of the Masurian Lakes in East Prussia the German 8th Army is gradually pushing the Russian First army back, expelling it from German territory. By the end of the battle (over the coming few days) the Germans will have lost 10,000 men, killed, wounded or missing in action, and the Russians a staggering 125,000, including 45,000 taken prisoner. [Wikipedia]


In Dublin, Ireland, a group of revolutionary nationalists meet to discuss the circumstances arising from the outbreak of war, and agree to appeal to Germany for its support in an insurrection.


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