11th September 1914 (Friday)

BORN TODAY: in Iowa, USA – Gladys Hanora Hughes, Daughter of Independence.



In German New Guinea in the Bismarck Archipelago (now part of Papua New Guinea), the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force successfully invades the island of Neupommern (“New Pomerania” – now called “New Britain”), which it will occupy for the duration of the war. The occupation is in response to a request from the British government for Australian help to destroy German wireless stations in the region, including the one on Neupommern. Australia suffers the first six of its sixty thousand WW1 fatalities.



Eastern Front: After more than two weeks fighting, the Battle of Galicia, between Russian and Austrian forces, draws to a close. A total of some 130,000 prisoners have been taken by the Russians who have also inflicted 324,000 casualties. The Russians have suffered 225,000 casualties, including 40,000 captured. Russian forces have pushed the front 100 miles into the Carpathian Mountains, completely surrounding the Austrian fortress of Przemyśl (now in South Eastern Poland) which the Russians will besiege until March 1915, when the garrison finally surrenders. [Wikipedia].






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