14th September 1914 (Monday)

BORN TODAY: in Genoa, Liguria – Pietro Germi – Italian  actor, screenwriter and director.



Western Front: After the German army has failed to meet its 40 day target for finishing the western conquest of France, General von Moltke resigns, and is replaced by General Erich von Falkenhayn. The latter remarks that with the failure of the Schlieffen-Moltke plan, the war is as good as lost. [Peter Chasseaud: “Mapping the First World War”].

War at Sea:

~ In mid Atlantic, the German auxiliary cruiser “SMS Cap Trafalgar” is sunk by the British armed merchant cruiser HMS Carmania.


~ Somewhere off the coast of Papua New Guinea, HMAS (Australian) submarine AE1 disappears. No trace of the submarine is ever found, and she is listed as lost with all hands (35 submariners).


(although a probable, but undisclosed and unconfirmed, location was identified in 2007, it has yet to be officially confirmed…)



… and this week, they are still searching…





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