3rd October 1914 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY: in Hoài Đức District in French Indochina (now Vietnam) – General Lê Trọng Tấn, Deputy Commander of the Viet Cong, Director of the National Academy of Defence and Deputy Minister of Defence. “One of the finest commanders of the Vietnam People’s Army”. [Wikipedia].



Siege: Winston Churchill visits the beleagured city of Antwerp and persuades King Albert of Belgium not to withdraw his forces in response to the German siege.

[Burg and Purcell].

The human cost: In Britain, the “Spectator” magazine speculates on the number of german casualties in the war so far:

“It is difficult,,, to put their losses in killed, wounded, prisoners, and missing much below four hundred thousand, and they are probably heavier. To this stupendous figure must be added the losses on the Russian frontiers. We need not say that we take no delight in this -appalling “butcher’s bill”—to use the Duke of Wellington’s phrase. It is difficult to see how a war waged on this scale can be a long war—and yet history shows that mere losses have seldom brought wars to an end.”



War at Sea: Off the Belgian coast, the British cargo vessel Dawdon strikes a mine and sinks with the loss of her crew of ten men.



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