27th October 1914 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY: in Swansea, Wales – Dylan Marlais Thomas, Welsh poet who wrote exclusively in English.



War at Sea:  Twenty miles fromTory Island, on Ireland’s North West coast, American tourists on the liner “Olympic” snap pictures  of the British Dreadnought class battleship “Audacious”  after it is seriously damaged by striking a mine.  Later in the day, despite efforts to tow it to safety, Audacious blows up and sinks in the Atlantic. All of the crew are safely evacuated before the explosion, but an officer on another vessel is killed by a stray piece of armour plating blown half a mile by the blast.

Today she lies on the sea bed 17 miles from Tory Island. Public announcement of her destruction was postponed for over 4 years, until shortly after the end of the war.

[Burg and Purcell, and Wikipedia].


Thoughts of eternity: An anonymous French soldier writes to his mother from the front:

“Let us eat and drink to all that is eternal, for tomorrow we die to all that is of the earth. We acquire an increase of love in that moment when we renounce our mean and anxious hopes”.

[Letters of a Soldier, 1914-1915]



New Zealand farmer Goerge Adkin spends a hot day at the local cattle market, including dinner (lunch) at the Jubilee Hotel and photographing the main street and Town Hall.




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