20th November 1914 (Friday)


~  Henry Alexander Reginald Paget, the son of Lord Victor William Paget and Olive Mary Meatyard. “He married Sonia Chatoulenco, daughter of Count Paul Chatoulenco” in 1938 and “gained the rank of Lieutenant in the service of the Welsh Guards” [www.thepeerage.com]


~ In New York City – Charles Berlitz, grandson of Berlitz language lesson magnate Maximilian Berlitz. “He learned several languages as a child, studied language at Yale, and worked at Berlitz Publications until the family lost control of the company in 1967. During his time with the family business, he oversaw development of taped version of the famed Berlitz language courses, and wrote several books on language.” [nndb.com]


~ In Florence, Italy, into “one of Florence’s oldest noble families”  – Emilio Pucci, Marchese di Barsento, Italian fashion designer and politician. He “live[d] and work[ed] in the Pucci Palace in Florence for much of his life. He was a keen sportsman, who swam, skied, fenced, played tennis and raced cars” [Wikipedia].



in England’s West Country, the “Exeter & Plymouth Gazette” reports the following ‘tale’ under the headline “Tale from the front”:

“A novel battle has taken place, according to letter from P.C. Elford, who left the Exeter Police Force to rejoin his regiment. He has just sent home an interesting letter to the Chief-Constable of Exeter. He mentions that after a struggle with the Germans in the trenches they finished the battle with bare fists. They took 75 German prisoners, and nearly all had black, eyes and bleeding noses. The regiment was highly delighted to have, fight in the old English fashion. Constable Elford bears special testimony to the bravery of the English officers”.


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