1st December 1914 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY: in the British Punjab – Amarnath Gelaram Khetarpal, “Indian film director, producer, story & script writer whose career spanned more than 4 decades in the film industry” [Wikipedia].



Eastern Front: In the Carpathian Mountains in Galicia (now part of Poland), the Austro-Hungarian army engages Russian forces in the Battle of Limanowa which will last for 12 days, and claim around 42,000 casualties – dead, wounded or captured.


Cartoonists give their view of the Russian treatment of the Austrian and German invaders in Poland.


Western Front: The British King, George V is visiting troops on the Western Front, and an anonymous nursing sister writes:

“6.30pm – we’ve just caught up H.M. King George’s train at St Omer, but he is evidently out dining with Sir John French [the senior British army officer in France]. We are just alongside. He has red and blue curtains lining the bridges to keep royal khaki shoulders from getting smutty. His chef has a grey beard…” [Diary of a Nursing Sister on the Western Front, 1914-1915].

The King’s duties today include awarding the Victoria Cross to soldiers at the front line:



Extreme Weather: the City of Oxford, England, experiences the first day of what will become its wettest three winter months since records began in 1760. The record will not be broken for over 99 years, until February 2014.



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