12th December 1914 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY: in Haworth, Yorkshire, England – Frank Roper, sculptor and stained-glass artist.



The Commercial Instinct: In Britain, the “Daily Mirror” newspaper is advertising “War Souvenir Xmas Presents” – in solid silver… “beautifully enamelled, correct colours, complete in souvenir cases and post free” – for sending to loved ones at the front.


Global Finance: In New York, the stock market re-opens for trading in equities after a closure of over four months, but later claims that it experiences its biggest ever one day fall in the Dow Jones Index today are incorrect – and are based on a later, 1916, retrospective, definition of the shares listed in the index in 1914. The index of 12 stocks actually rises today, by 4.4% – Lies, damned lies and statistics…



Women’s Suffrage: The Committee of the British Physiological Society passes a new rule “that
women be eligible for membership of the Society and have the same rights, duties and privileges as men.” [Physiological Society web-site]



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