20th December 1914 (Sunday)


War at Sea: The french submarine “Curie” is caught in defense nets while trying to penetrate the Austro-Hungarian navel base at Pula on the Adriatic. She is forced to surface and sunk by gunfire.


Western Front: French General Joffre launches his “war of attrition” against the germans with the (first) Battle of Champagne. Over the coming three months “losses” will total around 93,000 french, 46,000 german, and 3000 british casualties. Over 140,000 men. “Result – inconclusive” [Wikipedia].


The Home Front: Annie Droege, an anglo-german married to a german and living in germany, writes in her diary:

“The people are very busy getting ready for Christmas for the government has asked the people to make it as like Christmas as they can for the children. Every house has sorrow. One girl I met today was going to visit her uncle for Christmas. He has had three sons killed in one week in France. Another was on a ship sent out to South Africa in October and never heard of since. All four sons are gone and all were between the ages of 20 and 28”



Fashion:  On the East Coast of the USA, the “Washington Herald” reports on America’s efforts to wean itself from reliance on Paris:

“American designers have been working to create new and acceptable models. What the outcome of all their efforts will be, nobody knows. One reason why their efforts may result in an apparent failure is that most of them are perfectly willing to have Paris remain the fashion center. And why not? Americans have always profited by Paris-made fashions. They must be duplicated and copied here – and that gives work to dressmakers and manufacturers… and they have always proved themselves interesting, often beautiful, which is all that can be expected of any styles, whoever designs them” [http://clarerosehistory.com/ – “fashion in world war 1”]


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