23rd December 1914 (Wednesday)


~ Alfred Dompert, German steeple-chaser.


~ Dr. Hildegard Bartels, economist, and the first woman to be head of a federal authority in the Federal Republic of Germany.


~ Begum Qudsia Zaidi, “a writer, social worker, and theatre practitioner… best remembered for her pioneering role in establishing the Hindustani Theatre in Delhi in the 1950s”



War at Sea: The British trawler “Ocana” strikes a mine in the North Sea and sinks with the loss of nine of her crew.


The Western Front:  “A German soldier, Karl Aldag, reports that both sides had been heard singing hymns in the trenches. German troops coming into the lines bring Christmas trees. Some men begin to place them on the parapets of the fire trenches. Local truce on the front of 23rd Brigade” [The Christmas Truce/ http://www.1914-1918.net/ ].


Your Country Needs You! In England’s west country, the Exeter and Plymough Gazette is offering advice to those who delaying signing-up until after Christmas:

Recruits are being obtained from Devon at the rate of about 25 to 30 a day, but evidently there are still young men who are , hanging back. In all probability, they are waiting until after Christmas, but it cannot be too insistently pointed out to them that the call is urgent. Those who desire to enlist, but want to spend Christmas with their friends, can, by a special arrangement, already recorded in the “Gazette,” meet, their personal wishes socially and, at the same time, prove their patriotism. The arrangement is those who sign on now can have leave over Christmas and draw Army pay. The fact that they are serving their country will, doubtless, enable recruiting agents among other young men of their acquaintance, who may be still hesitating whether to take their place in the ranks, or remain at home with their friends.”


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