24th December 1914 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY: in Quilmes, Buenos Aires – Lieutenant Noel Wilson Cooper, missing, presumed dead, in 1943 during a Royal Marine commando reconnaisance operation for the invasion of Sicily. Aged 28.



In England’s west country, the Western Times publishes a letter from a sailor:

Sailor Indignant at Slow Recruiting of Exeter.

Quote: An Exeter sailor on duty in the North Sea, writing to his parents, says: “I felt a bit sick when I read your letter dealing with the slow recruiting for ‘Exeter’s Own.’ To think that we are at sea doing our best to ensure food supply for these ‘ k’nuts ‘ and give them a place where they can lay their heads in safety! It not very encouraging to know that there are hundreds at Exeter watching football matches and walking out with girls. Those at Exeter ought to follow the example of the young ladies in Newcastle. They ‘ Cut’ every young fellow who will not join up.” [www.exetermemories.co.uk]



In London’s eastern docklands, two police constables – PCs John Severn and William Ware – both drown while on patrol, when they fall into a dock in dense fog.



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