25th December 1914 (Friday)

War continues, unabated…

At sea:

Two cargo ships in different parts of the North Sea strike mines and sink. Some are rescued, and some are not so lucky…


in the air:

At Cuxhaven, at the mouth of the river Elbe in Germany, the British make a ship based air raid on German naval forces (“the Cuxhaven raid”).

“Fog, low cloud and anti-aircraft fire prevented the raid from being a complete success, although several sites were attacked. Nevertheless, the raid demonstrated the feasibility of attack by ship-borne aircraft and showed the strategic importance of this new weapon”. [Wikpedia].


And on the land:

On the Western Front, in the district of La Boiselle, there is “sporadic french machine gun fire and two french artillery rounds fired… from Bouillon Wood…[in the evening the 12/180 brigade] fired at a French patrol and a severely wounded prisoner was brought in. Before he died he told his captors that his mission was to determine if the Germans were celebrating and were drunk”

[Ralph Whitehead: “The Other side of the Wire: With the German XIV Reserve Corps on the Somme, September 1914 to June 1916”]. 


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