30th December 1914 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY: George Feversham Arnold, Nova Scotian bishop.



The Dardanelles: in a conversation with the Russian Chief of Staff, who is concerned that the Turks are pressing Russian forces hard in the Caucasus region, Major General Sir John Hanbury-Williams, GCVO (Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order), KCB (Knight Commander of Britain), CMG (Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George) enquires: “in the event of its being possible, whether he thought a naval demonstration (sic) would be of any use. He jumped at it gladly”. 

Later, referring to the disastrous Gallipoli operations of 1915, Sir John notes in his memoirs: “It is of historical interest that this conversation was really the origin of what eventually developed into the Dardanelles operations, though I naturally, at the time, had no idea of the great development in that line which was to take place later on. These were, so far as I know, undertaken originally with a view to helping our Russian Allies out of a “tight place.” It was thus the first chapter of what turned out to be an unfortunate undertaking, but it did anyhow render a considerable service to Russia”



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