5th January 1915 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY: in Iguatu, in the Brazilian state of Ceara – Humberto Teixeira – flautist.



In the Middle East: From Cairo, a British military intelligence officer – probably T.E.Lawrence – writes “we have been informed from two good sources that the Germans in command in Syria dread nothing as much as a landing by us in the north of Syria [which] would be followed by a general defection of their [that is the Ottoman’s] arab troops. There is no doubt that … a general arab revolt…would be the immediate result of our occupation of Alexandretta”. 

[Scott Anderson: “Lawrence in Arabia: War Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East”]

On the Western Front: Corporal A Letyford of the (British) 5th Field Company, Royal Engineers notes in his diary: “Spend the morning trying to dry out our clothes. we are all covered in mud from head to foot. at 6pm I go with Captian Reed to the trenches and fix six pumps. Wading about in water to our waists until 2am.” [ Lyn Macdonald: “1915: The Death of Innocence”].

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