4th February, 1915 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY: In London – Norman Joseph Wisdom, OBE, flyweight boxing champion, magician’s sidekick, Charlie Chaplin’s “favourite clown”, cult figure in Albania, granted the freedom of the city of Tirana.

“I was born in very sorry circumstances. Both of my parents were very sorry.” [Wikipedia]



Middle East: The British Viceroy of India, Charles Hardinge, Lord Penshurst (who is responsible for overseeing British policy and interests in the Middle East) arrives in Basra for a tour of inspection of the British  and (mainly) Anglo-Indian troops there [Roger Ford: “Eden to Armageddon: World War 1 in the Middle East”].

War at Sea: Germany publicly declares a war zone encircling the British Isles in which all merchant ships, regardless of their origin or purpose, may be sunk by submarines without warning. [Burg & Purcell].



Accident at the quayside: At dock in Great Yarmouth, on England’s east coast, E-class submariner and Petty Officer First Class, Albert George Hodder, is returning from  a shopping trip into the town when he slips from a gangplank into a strong cold current and is drowned.


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