14th February 1915 (Sunday)


DIED TODAY:   – The Reverend Lionel Fairfax Studd , Alumnus of Winchester College. “He went to Trinity College, Cambridge in 1909 and after taking his degree with honours in History, studied for a year at Ridley Hall. Anxious to prepare himself for ordination and also to work as a missionary, he entered the Polytechnic Business Training School with a view to obtaining some practical business experience. There he studied accountancy and helped the accounts section keep the books. At the same time he joined the Polytechnic Company of the 12th Battalion London Regiment, although he considered giving up his commission in the summer of 1914. He was ordained in St Paul’s Cathedral on Trinity Sunday 1914 and went to work at St James, Holloway. On the outbreak of war, he considered it his duty to stay with his regiment and was very soon promoted to Captain and served for several weeks in command of the guard at Waterloo Station. They moved to France and joined the Lines of Communication troops on Christmas Day 1914, moving up to Ypres on 8th February 1915, going into the trenches in front of Hill 60 on 13th February. The following morning, during a heavy attack, he was struck in the head by a shell splinter and killed.” [www.winchestercollegeatwar.com].


From a far flung empire: In Wellington, New Zealand, 509 Maori soldiers board the Steam Ship Warrimoo, bound for Egypt.



Also embarking in Wellington today for Egypt is Private Frank Forrester Adamson, “who gave up his stripes so that he could get into action sooner. Private Adamson was reported as missing in action 24 May 1915”. [http://www.aucklandmuseum.com/]


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