20th February 1915 (Saturday)

World Affairs: In San Francisco, the Panama-Pacific International Exposition opens. “Much of the site [is] built in landfill that partly consists of debris from the [1906] earthquake.”




War at Sea: on a particularly bad day for British shipping a total of five vessels – four cargo ships and a Royal Navy trawler –  are lost to a combination of accidents and enemy actions (naval attacks, torpedos and mines). Norway also loses a cargo ship to north sea mines.


The boredom of war: from Cairo, young British archaeologist turned Intelligence Officer, T.E. Lawrence, writes home to his family in England:

The Seven Golden Odes of Pagan Arabia or The Moallakat: translated by Lady Anne Blunt, and put into English verse by Wilfred Scawen Blunt: published at the Chiswick Press 5/- in 1904 probably. Can you get me this book? I expect it is out of print:- but if so Blackwell would get a copy very easily, as it is a well known book. If you get it, please send it out to Intelligence Department, W.O. [ie the War Office]  as above. No news this week; we sit still, and maintain an appearance of miserly inactivity. ” [www.telstudies.org/]


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