18th June, 1915 (Friday)


~ in Houston, Texas  – Paul Neal “Red” Adair, arch-enemy of oil well fires.


~ In Hervey Bay, across the water from Fraser Island, on the coast of Queensland in Australia – Isaac Garry “Ike” Owens, “one of the last full-blooded Butchulla” . In 1975 he made a statement for the Fraser Island Environmental Inquiry:

“I do not like to see the Island as it is now, being knocked about, the way they’re doing. All of my old friends have gone and the Island is not like it used to be. The beach is different — dirty, with bottles, cans of beer, and bottled beer and rubbish… It’s going to be like Queen Street in Brisbane, I think, before long. Even though there were two or three thousand aboriginal people before the white man came, they weren’t knocking it about like the people are now. They didn’t throw everything about like they do now on the beach. There are cars running up and down the beach. All we left was a few footprints.



Western Front: The second Battle of Artois is brought to an end when the French generals acknowledge that the German defences are too strong… after 40 days, 2 million shells, and 102,500 French casualties. The French have advanced approximately 3 kilometres.


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