19th September 1913 (Friday)

BORN TODAY: in Seattle, Washington  – Frances Farmer: Hollywood actress at 22; falsely declared mentally incompetent and incarcerated at 30; and TV show hostess for six years in the late fifties and early sixties.


Law and Order: sixty miles south of Saltillo in Mexico, 50 people die when rebels/ bandits blow up and loot a train.


Society and culture: Dublin City Council rejects plans to build a municipal gallery over the River Liffey to house Sir Hugh Lane’s pictures.


American Civil War: in Chattanooga, Tennessee, veterans of the “Grand Army of the Republic” hold their forty seventh encampment re-union. The GAR will eventually be dissolved in 1956 when its last veteran member dies.



Migration: After 6 days at sea from Liverpool in England, the steam ship “Lusitania” arrives at Ellis Island, New York with a cargo of european emigrants. “Steerage” passengers (the part of a ship allotted to those passengers who traveled at the cheapest rates) are duly processed for a new life.