24th February 1914 (Tuesday)


~ in London, England – David Langdon, cartoonist.


~ In Tasmania – the Tasmanian Band Association, forerunner of the Tasmanian (brass and pipe) Bands League.


~ In Sydney  – Douglas Neil Gillies, Australian Medic, Japanese Prisoner of War,  and later a Medic again – this time in Borneo.


Ireland: Edward Carlson, leader of the Ulster Unionists in Ireland, who are resisting steps by the UK Government to grant Home Rule to Ireland, issues a poster seeking to reassure Catholic communities about the objectives of the Ulster Volunteer Force”

“I desire that it should be made plain on all occasions that the sole object of the ULSTER VOLUNTEER FORCE is to make it impossible for the Government to compel us to submit to a Home Rule Parliament in Dublin. Our quarrel is with the Government alone, and we desire that the RELIGIOUS and POLITICAL views of our opponents should be everywhere respected. We fight for equal justice for all under the Government of the United Kingdom.”