7th December 1913 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY: in Narva, then in Russia, but later in independent Estonia before the second world war (eventually) brought Estonia into the Soviet Union – Eugenia Moorberg, better known as Kersti Merilaas, disreputable bourgeois nationalist poet and children’s author.


Law and order: During the ongoing Michigan Copper Strike, a boarding house owner, Thomas Dally, and two English brothers at the boarding house in Painesdale, Arthur and Harry Jane, are killed by random rifle shots fired into the house from nearby woods. The Jane brothers have just arrived with the intention of strike breaking/ scabbing. Later, two Finnish immigrant brothers named Huhta, and an Austrian named Verbanac, are charged with first degree murder in connection with the shooting, but Verbanac escapes from custody and is never recaptured.


30th April 1913 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY, in Viljandi, Estonia (later illegally annexed by the Soviet Union, then occupied by the Germans, reconquered by the Soviets and returned to independence in 1994) – Ilmar Raud, Estonian Chess Master who briefly made his home in Argentina after 1939 but died in 1941, at the age of 28.

Arms Race: In the UK, questions are asked (but not answered) “in the House” about possible plans to buy-out battleships currently under construction in British shipyards  for the Turkish government.

The USS Ajax, an American collier ship, arrives in Cavite in the Philippines where the US is in the final stages of suppressing a 10 year Islamic insurgency. USS Ajax is carrying the USS B-2 submarine, known informally as the “Cuttlefish”.

Women’s Suffrage: In a lavatory at Oxted Railway Station in rural England,  police investigating an explosion find a basket containing petrol, a clock, a battery, two firelighters, a half pint tin which had contained burning cycle oil and a cardboard box which had probably been filled with gunpowder. In response, all railway stations and tunnels will now be patrolled in an effort to prevent future attacks.

Also today, in a separate incident, police raid the offices of the Women’s Social and Political Union in London, and arrest the financial secretary of the union, the office manager, the business manager and two sub-editors of the “Suffragette”. All five women are charged with conspiring to damage property.

Society and culture: An attempt to prohibit motor cars from entering Yosemite national park in the US is abandoned.

In St Louis, Missouri, USA, the Jefferson Memorial Building is dedicated to the memory of the great man. It has been built on the site of the main entrance to the 1904 “Louisiana World Fair”  (The Louisiana Purchase Exhibition) the proceeds of which financed the new building. The fair celebrated the centenary of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. the Memorial Building is now the home of the Missouri History Museum.