7th July 1914 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY: in Barisal, in East Bengal, British India (later East Pakistan, now Bangladesh) – Anil Biswas, film music composer with a prolific output in a career stretching from 1935 to 1965.


World Affairs: The Austro-Hungarian Council of Joint Ministers debates (for 7 hours) the best course of action against Serbia. “The Joint War Minister is of opinion that a diplomatic success would be of no value.  Such a success would only be interpreted as a weakness.  From the military point of view he must emphasize the fact that it would be better to wage the war now, rather than later, as the balance of power would move disproportionately against us later on… All present, excepting the Hungarian Premier [who fears drawing Russian into a conflict], hold that a purely diplomatic success, even if ending in a startling humiliation for Serbia, would be without value, and that, therefore, the demands to be put to Serbia must be so far-reaching as to pre-suppose a refusal, so that the way would be prepared for a radical solution by means of military intervention”. 


Society and culture:

~ On Guernsey, the British Island just off the French coast, the local government unveils a statue to Victor Hugo, who lived on the island for 15 years as a political exile from France after the coup of Napoleon III.  The statue is a gift from the French government.


It has recently been given a good clean-up ahead of its centenary celebrations.


~ In Sunshine, Victoria (yes, really – now a suburb of Melbourne), the Sunshine Harvester Works Scottish Pipe Band welcomes Sir Ronald Munro Ferguson, 1st Viscount Novar and sixth Governor General of Australia, and his wife, Lady Helen.